FutureShock! Career Exploration Through Interest Projects


FutureShock is a 10-day immersive program empowering high school students to explore career paths through hands-on projects. It focuses on skills like self-direction, reflection, and project development, and blends game-based learning, AI tech, and expert facilitation. The goal is to connect participants' unique strengths and interests with future opportunities they are excited to pursue. During this session, we'll engage participants in a series of exercises used in FutureShock! to launch their own interest-based projects.

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  1. Interest-driven projects are within everyone's reach, encouraging creativity, fostering learning, and making use of our unique passions and skills.
  2. Building your future extends beyond job hunting. It's a unique journey of developing varied skills over time and weaving them together in novel ways.
  3. You can use AI to enhance interest-driven projects, fostering deeper learning and adding layers of complexity for rich exploration.



Aditi Garg, Senior Managing Director, The Reinvention Lab at Teach for America

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