Cheating Reported as Top Concern of Faculty – What to Do?


A recent annual survey of college faculty identified “preventing student cheating” as the top concern of instructors. A year earlier, faculty tabbed cheating prevention as the 10th most important issue.
The rise of generative AI is an obvious factor, raising the awareness of faculty to the possibilities of academic misconduct. But how big a danger is AI? Is there more to this surge in concern about cheating? What’s going on?
A panel of experts will discuss AI – academic integrity and artificial intelligence in today’s higher education institutions and classrooms.

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  1. Unpack the data points of the survey to understand what factors may have pushed concern about cheating to the number one issue for faculty.
  2. Discuss the merits of this concern and understand the underlying perspectives that need to be included in academic policies about AI in education.
  3. Define the tangible elements to include in revised definitions for academic integrity.



Alyssa Reynolds, Account Executive, Pando Public Relations

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  • Tags: standards & assessment, teachers
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Equity & Justice
  • Session Focus Area Higher Education
  • Level: Basic Understanding

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