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Finding Common Ground To Prevent Gun Deaths


Gun violence takes 43,000 lives annually, yet it’s still a topic that is polarizing and divisive. In this session, the Ad Council will be joined by Brady, Dentsu, and Bustle Digital Group to share how we are changing the narrative around gun violence through End Family Fire, a campaign that seeks to end preventable gun deaths by appealing to a shared desire to keep our loved ones safe. On this panel, we will discuss how End Family Fire has leveraged target insights, expert perspectives, and rallied the industry to engage an entrenched audience and save lives.

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  1. Don’t rely only on what you know. Regular research with your target and expert perspectives are critical to moving the needle on a polarizing issue.
  2. Develop a strong umbrella brand and be rigorous in ensuring everything you create and do ladders up to that brand.
  3. Have a plan for evaluation, including short- and long-term goals, recognizing that affecting change on a highly divisive topic won't happen overnight.



Allie Baum, Vp, Campaign Director, The Ad Council

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