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Quantum Computing: Real, Revolutionary, Right Now!


Quantum computing is a fundamentally different way of computing because it leverages quantum mechanical properties of nature that occur at atomic and subatomic scales. This makes it more powerful, but also more complex to understand (and engineer). Join us as experts from two of the world's leading quantum computing vendors and the foremost quantum computing market analyst explain (clearly!) what quantum computing is and why it is revolutionary. We will discuss the latest quantum computing results, the current market, and the areas that will achieve transformational innovations soon!

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  1. A clear understanding of what quantum is and why it is needed, realistic, and inevitable.
  2. Why quantum computing is so challenging, and yet worth the global massive investment and effort because it presents transformational capabilities.
  3. Which areas of business, science, and society will be revolutionized by quantum computing, and how it will help change the course of humanity.



Jay Boisseau, Executive Director, Austin Forum on Technology & Society

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