Increasing Latinx Representation in the Educator Pipeline


The Latinx student population is now the largest single demographic in many regions and states. Even though research shows race-matching students and teachers improves student outcomes – and that teachers of color positively impact all students – the representation of Latinx educators and leaders is not keeping up with demographic shifts. How can we collectively develop the conditions to recruit and retain Latinx educators in our schools? Panelists for this session will explore the topic and share exciting new strategies for increasing Latinx representation in the Bay Area’s educator pipeline.

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  1. Because of systemic inequities, new approaches are needed to recruit and retain Latinx teachers.
  2. Identify the “pain points” at all stages of the Latinx educator pipeline – from recruiting new teachers to cultivating school and systems leaders.
  3. Target “pain points” with strategies designed to champion diverse talent – ranging from financial support to mental health and career counseling.



Savannah Campbell, Director Of Marketing, Communications, And Development, Teach For America Bay Area

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  • Tags: diversity & inclusion, teachers
  • Event: EDU
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  • Track: Leadership for Tomorrow
  • Session Focus Area K-12 Education
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