Building an Ecosystem for Latina Prosperity


Latinos now make up the largest share of the Texas population. Latinas represent a vital sector of the US labor market, though they experience the largest wage gap of any major group. Will the end of DEI or the Supreme Court's decision to end Affirmative Action hinder the future of higher education for women of color? We'll hear from Texas-based organizations that are building an educational ecosystem to support an emerging generation of Latina youth in K-12 STEM education, career exploration, digital equity, and college readiness. Hear how investing in Latinas builds a resilient workforce.

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  1. Consider how best to engage Latina youth in STEM curriculum, provide career mentors, and support parent-student relationships into college readiness.
  2. Learn about effective professional development for teachers with a focus on empowering students traditionally underrepresented in STEM/STEAM.
  3. Understand the current public policies affecting the pathways to higher education, workforce opportunities, and economic prosperity for Latinas.



TC Waugh, Director Of Development, Latinitas

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  • Tags: gender equity, stem & steam
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Podcast
  • Track: Equity & Justice
  • Session Focus Area K-12 Education
  • Level: Basic Understanding

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