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Educating Generative Ai on Race and Gender Using Research


AI is biased. Visual, textual and general outputs from generative AI pull from the state of the world as is. As AI evolves, it will learn from the world we now create in ads, culture, brands and research literature. It is imperative (if not an emergency) that we practice inclusion in intention, words and actions.

Especially for growth audiences like Gen Z, inclusive AI is key to create and deliver what they want from brands and us as culturemakers. Give people what they want, and watch them make magic from it - if we don't believe in the power of such ideas, nobody will.

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  1. Identify the cause - the inherent bias in AI is the effect; as thinkers and makers, we get opportunities to rectify the cause every day, big and small
  2. Practice inclusive research - crafting questions, representative visuals and the work you make will educate AI as it evolves.
  3. Get with growth audiences - Gen Z lives and thrives on inclusion and brands must start now to get better later.


  • Sarah Fahim, Senior Strategic Researcher, VMLY&R


Sarah Fahim, Senior Strategic Researcher, VMLY&R

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