What Young People Wish Adults Knew About School: An “Unpanel"


Young people are the most directly impacted but least engaged stakeholder in their education. What do young people wish that adult innovators and decision makers knew about what it means to be a student today? Bring your authentic questions about the themes & challenges that make designing for young people hard. This workshop will offer insights and perspective about what is really on the hearts and minds of students as well as a chance to connect with young people.

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  1. When someone is ignited with such fervor, they become unstoppable in their pursuit of solutions and positive change for the young people around them.
  2. An understanding that actively participating and engaging in various aspects of young peoples lives, we can bring about positive transformations.
  3. That change doesn’t happen overnight; getting advice from us can reshape their ideas, integrate youth voice as part of solutions to their problems.



Izzy Fitzgerald, Community Engagement, TFA Reinvention Lab

Meta Information:

  • Tags: storytelling, student voice
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Workshop
  • Track: Leadership for Tomorrow
  • Session Focus Area K-12 Education
  • Level: Deep Understanding

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