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Maternal Mental Health Injustice & Socially Responsive Care


In pursuit of health equity, we must fight systemic injustices in maternal mental health. Mothers of color experience double the rate of postpartum depression but are far less likely to receive treatment, and programs often fail to meet cultural, social, and linguistic needs of mothers in poverty. We must meet mothers where they are. Hear from innovating maternal mental health leaders working closely with underserved communities and learn how to implement community-partnered program design, do inclusive research, and embrace community assets to close the equity gap in maternal mental health.

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Sample materials on Together Growing Strong community engagement model and MOMS Partnership Cultural Adaptation to Chinese Immigrant Mothers:


  1. Community partners must be included in participatory research and co-design of mental health programs in order to equitably serve mothers.
  2. Equitable programs need to not only tackle challenges but also elevate community assets, building on cultural and social strengths of diverse mothers.
  3. To achieve health equity, more attention and resources must be devoted to cultural and social inclusion and responsiveness of program models.



Kelly Escobar, Director, Fund For Early Learning; Interim Managing Director, Early Childhood, Robin Hood Foundation

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