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Saving Lives During the Opioid Crisis Using Trusted Voices


Young people in the US are facing a life and death matter: in 2021, 84% of adolescent drug overdoses involved illegally manufactured fentanyl, which is found laced into illicit drugs and used to make counterfeit prescription pills. How can we save the lives of young people? The answer isn’t “don’t do drugs” - it’s real information, from the people who know, including former drug dealers, creators, and media that can reach young people.

Hear how the Real Deal on Fentanyl campaign has leveraged the power of trusted, if unexpected, messengers to break through with young people and save lives.

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  1. Learn how we delivered impact through engaging trusted and unexpected messengers to reach young people
  2. Understand how we navigated a nuanced topic and invited young people to be part of the solution
  3. Discuss the value of meeting young people where they are via unique and immersive media activations



Monica Hunter, Senior Campaign Director, Ad Council

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  • Event: SXSW
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