Ctrl+Alt+Teach: Unlock the Power of Tech-Enabled Teaching


What is the value of tech-enabled teaching, you ask? Well, we’ve got the tool and research to help you come up with the answer! Join Leading Educators & WestEd as we present 5 research-backed ways technology-enabled instructional practice yields positive learning outcomes and how the VATT Framework can help you measure and articulate the value-add of tech-enabled practices. Join us to gain practical insights from real-world examples and see how teachers, schools, districts, and edtech companies can jointly unlock tech's full potential in the classroom!

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  1. key components involved in effective technology-enabled teaching, including the integration of instructional practices and edtech tools
  2. practical knowledge on how to use the VATT Framework to assess and reflect on the effectiveness of technology integration
  3. concrete case studies and real-world examples that will offer valuable insights into successful technology integration practices



Antoinette Melvin, Senior Director Of Ela Strategy, Leading Educators

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