SXSW 2024

Accelerating Business Growth Through Cybersecurity


All businesses face specific laws, regulations, and guiding principles to ensure the security of information and people. However, they still need to grow despite these constraints. Many consider cybersecurity concepts and architectures to be blockers to innovation, but those who embrace them find themselves creating true differentiators.

In this Zero Trust podcast roundtable, you will hear from a diverse group of experts who have established processes and practices that promote innovation and growth while reducing risk and securing the business.

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  1. Learn how to embrace governance and regulation constraints to develop a competitive differentiator.
  2. Hear first-hand how proactive adoption of cybersecurity concepts like Zero Trust can improve organizational productivity and prepare for uncertainty.
  3. Gain insights on navigating around shiny objects vs capturing critical elements of cybersecurity.


  • Neal Dennis, Podcast Host, AZT
  • Ilona Cohen, Chief Legal and Policy Officer, HackerOne
  • Phil Vachon, Head of Information Security Architecture, CTO Office, Bloomberg
  • Chase Cunningham, Vice President of Security Market Research, G2


Elliot Volkman, Producer, Chaos

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