Expand Youth Self-Identity Via Work Based Learning


Early work-based learning experiences can be an indicator for increased middle and high school engagement and long-term sustainable employment. However, in order for these experiences to play a meaningful role in a youth’s long-term education or career trajectory, it’s critical that youth feel like they are comfortable in knowing themselves, feel understood, acknowledged, and accepted by the adults they are engaging with.

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  1. Learn how you can create spaces in your classroom where youth can know themselves, develop their business identities, and have their voices heard.
  2. Understand how to better interact with youth, by creating safe and nurturing spaces, to help them develop their workplace identities.
  3. Learn from those with first-hand experience on how to create workplace identities so youth feel understood, acknowledged, and accepted by adults.



Jing Cox-Orrell, Philanthropy Program Manager, American Student Assistance (ASA)

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