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Beyond 2028: LA's Roadmap to Zero Emission Transportation


The LA region faces transportation challenges. In this panel, LACI and stakeholders discuss developing a blueprint for the LA ’28 Olympics. EV charging infrastructure is vital for a net-zero future for the games and the region. The panel explores long-term solutions for all vehicle classes, supporting EV adoption, and identifies clean transit locations for buses, trucks, and cargo that will create a sustainable and efficient transportation system. The coalition will showcase solutions to enhance EV charging to serve the people of the LA region before, during and long after the Games.

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  1. LACI & the CEC are collaborating to bring a blueprint to Los Angeles which will addresses transport challenges ahead of the 2028 Olympics
  2. LACI will work on bringing EV charging for sustainable transport by partnering with startups and public/private stakeholders
  3. Solutions implemented by LACI will not only bring clean energy ahead of the Olympics but will provide long lasting EV infrastructure to Los Angeles



Osman Yousufzai, Public Relations Specialist, Antenna Group

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  • Event: SXSW
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