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Prioritizing Impact over Impressions in the Face of a Youth Mental Health Crisis


By 2030, mental disorders will rival economic burdens of cardiovascular disease, surpassing cancer, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes. As America now confronts this crisis, we are helping Kooth launch the world's largest youth mental health initiative via experiential outreach and education. Our success isn't measured in brand loyalty or profit, but in saved lives and altered perceptions spanning not only our youth but micro-generations within and deep-rooted cultural stigmas. Join us as we unveil the realities of our nationwide crisis and how Experiential is helping change the tide.

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  1. Reframing KPIs and employing A/B testing in experiential campaigns can yield impactful results beyond mere impressions and hashtag usage.
  2. Balancing credibility with purposeful connection is vital, our aim being to foster healthy mental habits, not simply capturing fleeting attention.
  3. Emerging tech's potential can revolutionize brain health understanding, catalyzing a brain science-based industry



Zoe Ganch, Creative Director, Factory360

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