Blended High Schools Are Increasing Student Confidence


In a recent study, less than half of Gen Z said they had enough information to decide what post-high school pathway was best for them. One effective way to address this challenge is to create student choice and broaden access to intentional pathways in high schools, including early college/dual enrollment, work-based & hands-on learning (internships, employer-led challenges, project-based learning) and career education. During this panel discussion, hear from experts on the benefits of blended high school pathways and how they prepare young people to make confident decisions after high school.

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  1. Learn how to broaden access to intentional pathways in your high school and help students actively participate in their educational choices.
  2. Learn how leaders are helping transform high schools to better prepare young people to make confident decisions through new models of experiential lrn
  3. Understand models of intentional pathways (early college/dual enrollment, project-based learning) and how to implement them in your district/classroom



Shawnee Caruthers, Vice President Of Advocacy, Getting Smart

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