Women Entrepreneurs of Color Ignite Innovation in Education


Women of color entrepreneurs are a major engine of innovation in the education sector today. This panel will unpack these unique contributions, chronicling the journeys of three women entrepreneurs of color who launched and sustained education businesses. While their business models - focused on equitable research and evaluation, authentic family engagement, and transformative leadership and strategy - have little in common, the throughline of how their identities and focus on equity impact their approach provides guidance and inspiration to the next generation of women of color entrepreneurs.

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  1. Participants will learn what it takes to build and sustain an education organization and how the unique identity of women of color can fuel innovation
  2. Participants will be equipped with and inspired by actionable guidance to grow the next generation of women entrepreneurs of color
  3. Participants will learn the importance of investing in women entrepreneurs of color to drive innovation in the education sector



Monica Martinez, Co-Founder, EduDream

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