Color Me Pink! Or Don't?: How Gender Biases Influence Design


In this panel, Professor Vic Rodriguez Tang and students from his Gender Biases in Graphic Design class offered at The University of Texas will engage in conversation to share their learning experiences from this class. Professor Vic Rodriguez Tang has offered this class as an elective for the last two years to help design students understand that the choices we make as designers, especially in the design of products, ad campaigns, and other artifacts that the masses consume, have a crucial effect on how our society’s systems work.

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  1. Graphic design habits start as early as in the classroom, and they show up through students’ work in higher education and in their careers.
  2. Designing products with packaging and strategies targeted to women that rely on outdated and harmful gender stereotypes upholds the patriarchy.
  3. Attendees will hear about different ways and approaches to have conversations in the classroom regarding this topic by providing a safe environment.



Vic Rodriguez Tang, Visionary Branding Speculator, FAKE ID Collective

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  • Tags: gender equity, LGBTQIA+ issues
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Teaching & Learning
  • Session Focus Area Higher Education
  • Level: Basic Understanding

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