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Boost Your Energy with Quantum


Today's aging power grid infrastructure is burdened with a number of new challenges such as sophisticated cyberattacks. Quantum technologies—spanning from clocks to compute to sensors—offer a paradigm shift for addressing these challenges. During this captivating and timely panel, participants will discuss use cases of the highest relevance to the energy industry, including energy security, resilience with atomic clocks, and more precise electromagnetic sensing with software-enabled quantum devices.

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  1. Learn how quantum technologies will transform the power grid, both in the near term (within five years) and long term (10 years and beyond)
  2. Assess when quantum technologies will need to be deployed at “the edge” of the grid, rather than in the cloud data centers.
  3. Connect the dots from emerging grid challenges (decentralized generation, cyberattacks, electric car charging load) to the emerging quantum toolbox.


  • Pranav Gokhale, Vice President of Quantum Software, Infleqtion
  • Annarita Giani, Complex System Scientist, GE Research
  • Raiford Smith, Chief Utility Innovation Officer, The AES Corporation
  • Jeremy Renshaw, Senior Technical Executive - Innovation, EPRI


Stephanie Lee, Product Manager, Infleqtion

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Energy
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  • Level: Advanced

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