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How Agriculture Can Actually Achieve Net Zero Before 2050


Environmental markets in agriculture have exploded in recent years with the promise of decarbonizing the industry and storing carbon in the soil. The hard truth is that the path they are on is doomed to fall far short of this grand ambition.
Novel technologies combined with recent market lessons have the ag industry poised for transformative evolution. By attaching environmental outcomes to the commodities themselves, we can use a proven theory of change to drive universal market engagement in climate action and deliver incentives to the most important ag innovators: farmers.

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  1. Rapid, large scale climate impact is achievable today through existing technologies and agricultural practices…if we get the market mechanisms right.
  2. The existing paradigm of inefficient, bespoke projects prescriptively pushing “interventions” to farmers for climate claims will not succeed.
  3. Credible, verifiable, and traceable impact can be achieved within the already established market mechanisms for commodity procurement and production.


  • Nick Reinke, CEO, HabiTerre
  • Allison Nepveux, Carbon Business Development Lead, Bayer
  • Dominic Sutton-Vermeulen, Chief Product Officer, Millpont


Nick Reinke, Ceo, HabiTerre

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