SXSW 2024

UNSTUCK - Lessons From Tech Innovators to Win in Business


Up to 75% of us feel STUCK professionally or personally. But how do certain people and businesses innovate at breakneck speeds, while others seem stuck? The excitement of gen AI is only one example of how tech continues to innovate and accelerate, and there are notable similarities in how tech companies and leaders think, act, and make decisions. Following the lead of tech innovators, Heather Kernahan developed the UNSTUCK model. This session will provide you with an actionable plan to start being UNSTUCK today, starting with your vision and leading you to think and act big - and never stop.

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  1. Learn about the power of vision and goal setting, acting bigger than you feel, creating your own path and finding time to acknowledge all your wins.
  2. Tech companies are abundant with new thinking and big acts. Leave with real world examples of how to apply this mindset to your own life.
  3. Leave feeling energized to take action, immediately enact change and identified steps to push forward and feel “unstuck.”



Brooklynn Miller, Account Manager, Hotwire Global

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  • Event: SXSW
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