SXSW Interactive 2013

Industrial Revolution 3.0 & Future of 3D Printing


What is the future of manufacturing, design, and creativity? How are 3D printing and the maker movement shifting the global economy?

Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine and author of Makers and The Long Tail, and Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO and Co-Founder of 3D printing marketplace Shapeways, will discuss how 3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing and democratizing creation for everyone.

Sharing their perspectives from the front lines, Chris and Peter will outline the key trends of Industrial Revolution 3.0: collaborative design, open access, creative commerce, green production, and a DIY ethos. They will discuss the limitations of mass manufacturing and explain why digital fabrication enables individuals to find and make products that truly meet their unique needs.

What open source did for software, 3D printing can do for physical things. Turning bits into atoms has never been easier.

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  1. What is Industrial Revolution 3.0? How are today’s innovators using open source design and 3D printing to democratize manufacturing?
  2. Is there room for both mass manufacturing and 3D printing? Does 3D printing have the potential to enable mass customization such that custom doesn’t have to be couture?
  3. Is everyone a creator? How are the maker movement, the millions of garage tinkerers, and the digital design toolbox infiltrating the mainstream?
  4. To what extent are the maker movement and 3D printing reviving American manufacturing? What are the implications for the global economy and for small business alike?
  5. Is the future here yet? And how far can we go? What are the implications of additive manufacturing for programming, robotics, biotechnology, and medical devices?



Carine Carmy, Director of Marketing, Shapeways

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