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Amazonian Women: Gender, Blood and Ancestral Wisdom


Women’s cycles of health - from menstruation, to maternity and menopause - are viewed by modern culture as medical conditions, but aren’t they natural phases in every woman’s life?

When we study indigenous communities in the Amazon, we look back into thousands of years of female rituals. Ancestral wisdom that connects women with the forces of nature across generations. What can developed societies learn from looking back into these mysterious traditions of the past? How can culture benefit from viewing women’s health in a more collective way, rather than individual medical experiences?

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  1. Amazonian traditions and perspectives in women's health - menstruation, maternity and menopause
  2. The impact of collective vs. individualistic perspectives on cultural taboo's and health outcomes
  3. How Amazonian communities across Brazil and Colombia are inspiring a more interconnected view of women’s health


  • Emily Ewell, CEO & Co-Founder, Pantys


Emily Ewell, CEO, Pantys

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