Driving Success: The Power of Coaching in Higher Education


Are you overlooking the most potent tool driving student success in higher education? Unlock the transformative power of coaching in this interactive workshop. Join fellow leaders at an interactive workshop highlighting innovative coaching models and outcomes meeting the needs of adult learners and traditionally underserved students. Participants will explore how coaching, including technology-enabled and AI-enhanced methods, can create potent support and move the needle on student outcomes in and out of the academic setting. Leave with practical solutions for your institution.

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  1. Confidently articulate three benefits of coaching in education to use as talking points to promote coaching at their institution.
  2. By examining three case studies, participants can articulate different coaching models and their impacts.
  3. By exploring technology-enabled coaching and discussing AI coaching, participants can build a roadmap for shifting services and processes.



Natalie Murray, Founder, Coach And Educator, Grow from Goodness

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