Nurturing Computational Thinkers for an AI-Powered Future


Join us for an interactive session delving into the transformative potential of generative AI in education and the critical role computational thinking plays in this new learning context. Through a collaborative learning experience led by educators, participants will explore computational thinking skills that cultivate agile, adaptive, and conceptually complex thinkers, enabling them to navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape. We will engage in thoughtful discussions with organizational leaders from across the education ecosystem on the implications for the future of school.

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  1. How to leverage AI for personalized learning, increased learner agency, and building critical thinking
  2. Understanding of computational thinking and how it can be applied and leveraged to advance learning in an AI context
  3. How to support teachers to engage students in compelling learning experiences that leverage computational thinking and drive equity


  • Wyman Khuu, Senior Director of STEM for KIPP NYC Public Schools, KIPP
  • Diane Levitt, Senior Director of K-12 Education, Cornell Tech
  • Amber Oliver, Managing Director, Robin Hood Learning + Technology Fund, Robin Hood Foundation


Laina Vlasnik Yip, Senior Program Officer, Robin Hood Foundation

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