SXSW 2024

How Black Women Are Using Tech To Drive Social Change


We’re living in the brighter future we envisioned. A future where technology is being used to disrupt systemic inequalities, but the change is being driven by the people. By the innovators who’ve built platforms that use tech as a tool for change, and by the communities who are using these platforms and thereby actualizing them as tools for true impact. This panel will delve into the real-world experiences of Black women who are leveraging tech for social impact, offering transparency into their challenges, successes and their motivation for using technology as a tool to drive social change.

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  1. Technology can be a powerful tool to drive social change, address systemic inequities and amplify marginalized voices.
  2. Collaboration, community-building and inclusive design are key elements for effectively utilizing technology for social change.
  3. Ethical considerations and accessibility should be at the forefront when developing or using technology for social change.



Nikki Porcher, Founder, Buy From A Black Woman

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