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In Mobile, Diversity Is The New Fragmentation

As a result of the explosive growth of the mobile industry, one of the main issues facing stakeholders has been fragmentation. But as we look to our multi-device future, today’s “fragmentation” will become tomorrow’s “diversity.”
In this diverse future, consumers are presented with and making device decisions on a situational basis -tablets best for videos, smartphones best for research/shopping, ereaders for reading & IPTV’s for family entertainment.
For marketers & developers, reaching the new multi-device consumer means taking a diaspora of device diversity into account. But how do you target a consumer when dealing with the diversity of device screensize, capabilities (GPS, Sensors, Cameras, Audio, etc.), Javascript functionality, processor speed, connection sconnection speed, available storage, user settings?
Netbiscuits’ Stephan Haux's session will examine how to develop a successful mobile strategy in the face of a diverse mobile future.

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  1. How to develop a successful mobile strategy in the face of a diverse mobile future?
  2. Why and how to choose a platform or framework?
  3. How to choose the type and number of layouts and wireframes?
  4. How to cater for varying types and styles of mobile events?
  5. Which UI patterns are learned by the user?



David Barkoe, National Director of PR & Marketing Communications, Netbiscuits

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