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Authenticity: Who Chooses? The Chefs or Ethnicity?


“Authentic” food. An often-used phrase for the pinnacle of a culture’s cuisine. Is it real or an illusion? Join three accomplished hospitality leaders—presenting a Korean American, white, and Thai-American perspective-- as they discuss the impossibility of authenticity. They argue that creating based on experience vs ethnicity helps humanity evolve for the better. They tackle challenging topics, from what it means to respectfully approach a culture’s cuisine to the broader idea of what it means to approach authentic creative expression for any artist, in and outside of food.

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  1. "Authentic" cooking and food are subject to individual interpretation, and the definition keeps evolving as food cultures adapt and blend.
  2. The evolution of humanity is driven by the synthesis of our experiences and the integration of new information.
  3. There is more discipline and freedom in making food based on your preferences and experience than replicating the expected.



Hannah Kerne, Senior Account Supervisor, Jasper Paul PR & Marketing

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