The Fight for America's Schools Starts in Compton


Compton was once an all-white suburb with exemplary public schools. Then those families began to flee, causing a decades-long collapse. But now, as thousands of aging, diversifying suburbs scramble to avoid a similar fate, Compton is charting a promising path forward. Compton Unified School District Superintendent Darin Brawley will join Chaula Gupta of Digital Promise, whose focus on digital transformation and “inclusive innovation” is at the heart of Compton’s rebirth, and author Benjamin Herold, whose new book Disillusioned positions Compton as a beacon of hope in a turbulent era.

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  1. A new book shows how demographic shifts are exposing suburbia’s racist history and making suburban schools central to the fight for America’s future.
  2. Visionary education leadership has changed Compton’s trajectory and can serve as a model for other suburban districts.
  3. A districtwide digital transformation has enabled Compton Unified to blend data-driven remediation with high-tech, hands-on, project-based learning.



Erica Weinschenk, Chief Communications Officer, Digital Promise

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