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The Future of Food & Bioeconomy


Innovations are transforming the way we eat, but the future of food isn’t restricted to the flavors and menu items you know and love today. We will showcase the science of innovation and how it connects across our lives. How can science create flavors we crave and also drive sustainability? What do probiotic drinks and the microbiome of pets have in common? And how do soup ingredients connect to good-for-the planet yoga pants? Join us for this and more.
The future of food isn’t just about taste and nutrition – it’s also about making the most of every innovation and connection along the way.

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  1. To meet the changing needs of consumers, we need to innovate with purpose using research & insights.
  2. Breakthrough ingredients can be multifunctional, connecting across all facets of consumer lives.
  3. The future of food is about more than taste and nutrition but about nourishing the world responsibly.



Alyson Barnes, Vice President, Gm, Ketchum

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