SXSW 2024

Is Design Thinking Dead?


All great ideas have a lifecycle – be born, mature, evolve or die. Design Thinking is on that same path and we are at a crossroads: does the process evolve into something more rigorous or does it die? Design thinking rocketed to the forefront of promising approaches to make positive change in the world but its first iteration wasn’t enough to fully realize that promise.

Design Thinking must evolve. We have an evolution to share that democratizes design methods in an ethical, rigorous way that addresses the complexity of making positive social change and disrupting the status quo.

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  1. An evolution of design thinking methods that center the ethics and consequences of a solution beyond human desirability
  2. Co-design tools that ask leaders to rethink their relationship to the community in order to engage those closest in problem in authentic collaboration
  3. Approachable, open-source tools that help teams working in the social impact space to take on the complexity of challenging the status quo



Kathryn Krummeck, Global Advisor, Design And Innovation, Aga Khan Foundation

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