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Crowdsourcing at NASA & How You Can Be Part of Our Mission


NASA’s success is not NASA’s alone—for more than a decade, the agency has benefited from the creativity and ingenuity of the public to support the agency through crowdsourcing initiatives. Join our discussion of the past, present, and future of NASA crowdsourcing and how the public directly contributes to NASA missions.

Panelists include leadership from NASA's Prizes, Challenges, and Crowdsourcing program, who will share history of NASA crowdsourcing and how the public can get involved. A past participant will also share how a challenge helped advanced their 3D-printed habitat technology.

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  1. NASA invites the global public to participate in crowdsourcing initiatives that support the agency's missions
  2. NASA's crowdsourcing is not limited to aerospace professionals - these opportunities seek ideas from industry adjacent experts in unexpected ways
  3. The future of NASA's success relies on public/private partnerships


  • Steve Rader, Program Manager - Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation, NASA
  • Denise Morris, Program Manager - Centennial Challenges, NASA
  • Angela Herblet, Program Analyst and Challenge Manager - Centennial Challenges, NASA
  • Andrew Rothgaber, Director of Public Sector Business Develpment, ICON


Bailey Light, Senior Communications Specialist, NASA

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