Supporting Undocumented Communities in Our Schools


Through an interactive and hands-on 90-minute workshop, educators will deepen their understanding of policies, opportunities and experiences of K-12 undocumented students and students in mixed-status families. Educators will be equipped with strategies and best practices in order to address the holistic needs of our students. This workshop is aimed to increase the capacity of educators while supporting their efforts in fostering an inclusive and safe school culture for immigrant students.

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  1. Educators will understand the federal and state policies pertaining to undocumented students
  2. Educators will understand the experience and challenges of K-12 undocumented students and families face
  3. Educators will gain a set of effective practices and skills that will allow them to create a safe and welcoming classroom culture


  • Megumi Cramer, Director of Program and Partnerships, ImmSchools
  • Astou Thiane, Director of Policy and Advocacy, ImmSchools
  • Vanessa Luna, CO-FOUNDER & CHIEF PROGRAM OFFICER, ImmSchools


Megumi Cramer, Director Of Program And Partnerships, ImmSchools

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