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Trauma to Triumph: Innovations in Breast Cancer Tackle PTSD


Breast cancer diagnosis has a profound emotional impact, exceeding severe traumas. Shockingly, 1 in 4 women develop PTSD after diagnosis. Urgent action is needed for patient-centered solutions, addressing emotional toll, mental health, and impact on sexuality. Discover innovative technologies and initiatives in breast cancer surgery. Experts share insights on advancements shaping the patient experience. From simplified techniques to cutting-edge innovations, explore how technology can minimize trauma, anxiety and enhance the breast cancer journey.

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  1. Learn how empathy is a driving force in technology design to enhance mental well-being for a transformative patient experience.
  2. Discover shocking new techniques that empower breast cancer patients to take control, minimizing trauma and anxiety like never before.
  3. How you can amplify the conversation to combat PTSD in breast cancer patients and make a difference in the future of cancer care.



Diana Chan, Chief Marketing Officer, MOLLI Surgical

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