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Business Is Addicted to Advertising


The ease and low cost of advertising has distorted the way business is run.
- It is allowing undifferentiated propositions to continue to grow by replacing the users they lose with new ones.
- It has fueled the growth of new-wave single product DTC businesses that are incapable of diversifying and compete for the same millennial consumers.

And across the consumer economy, it is focussing too much resources on user acquisition and away from user experience and value creation.

Lastly it is shaping a consumer economy fueled by unsustainable consumption that is destroying the planet.

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  1. Brand loyalty isn’t gone, but advertising is trying to kill it. We are building brands that are optimized for acquisition not long term relationship
  2. Brand is built post purchase. Brand matters but consumers tell us it is about experience and delivering on promises, all things post sale.
  3. We need a new playbook to build brands people will root for. Degrowth Marketing: strategies to build businesses worth being loyal to.



Ivan Kayser, Ceo, REDSCOUT

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