SXSW 2024

Gen AI: Creative Cheat Code or Tool For Disruption?


Everyone is talking about the power of AI and its promise to make our lives easier, ‘it’s the cheat code’. But when it comes to Generative AI and how its impacting the Creator Economy, is that really the truth?
Rather than sitting with speculation, AI Image Maker & Technologist, Omar Karim and Becky Owen (CMO) are sharing hard-won lessons from trial, error(s) & eventual successes in AI innovation projects. We’ll provide insights from exploratory research to demystify AI’s disruptive potential in the Creator Economy. Spoiler alert, it's attention grabbing, but it's a lot harder than it seems.

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  1. How Creators are using innovative technology to disrupt advertising and shift power dynamics
  2. How Gen AI has given rise to a new type of creativity that we should question and interrogate before we leap
  3. Opportunity but still a challenge- brands can win but to avoid the pitfalls they must work with Creators on the front line



Joele Forrester, Senior Marketing Manager, Billion Dollar Boy

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