Revolutionizing Teacher Prep


If we want to ensure our classrooms are filled with dedicated, diverse teachers we must think outside the box for how to structure teacher prep programs. Particularly for people of color who face disproportionate financial and logistical hurdles, it’s paramount to provide financial support, prioritize mental health resources, and explore innovative ways to give aspiring educators different pathways to credentialing.

In this session, leaders from three different teacher prep programs will speak to the ways they are finding success recruiting and retaining tomorrow’s teachers.

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  1. Learn how teacher prep programs have found success addressing the diverse teacher shortage and how retention methods can be scaled. #InnovativePathway
  2. Explore the critical link between classroom culture, diverse substitute teachers, and improved teacher retention. #StrongerSchools
  3. Discover how reimagining teacher prep can create sustainable pathways, fostering a diverse and inclusive teaching profession. #EmpoweredEducators



Samantha Jacobs, Senior Account Executive, Larson Communications

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