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Empowering Equitable Decisions with NASA Satellites


From mosquito control to wildfire recovery, NASA satellites are constantly collecting data that can inform better, more equitable decisions for communities. And city-level decision makers can use NASA data without being satellite experts! Join NASA to learn how researchers are developing new tools to make this data more accessible, and how scientists and local government agencies collaborate on priorities like public health, sustainability, and emergency response. Increasing access to Earth observations empowers everyone to create stronger, more resilient, and more equitable communities.

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  1. How NASA's environmental justice initiatives are increasing access to data to help at-risk communities , and why it matters.
  2. What NASA satellite data has to do with extreme heat warnings in New York, cooling centers in Arizona, and dust in Puerto Rico.
  3. NASA does that? Explore the uses of integrating NASA satellite into sectors ranging from healthcare policies to city planning.


  • Lawrence Friedl, Director of Engagement, NASA Earth Science
  • Yaítza Luna-Cruz, Program Executive, NASA
  • Emily Sylak-Glassman, Deputy Associate Director for Earth Action, Earth Science Division, NASA
  • Pablo A. Méndez-Lázaro, professor, University of Puerto Rico


Kaitlin Carpenter, Senior Communications Strategist, NASA Applied Sciences

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