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SXSW Interactive 2013

Interact with the TV: Say it, Wave it, Take it 3D

As the number of entertainment options available through connected TVs—whether it be shows, videos, movies, and information widgets—increases so does the complexity of finding and deciding what to watch. Let’s face it—no one wants to use a remote control that looks like a giant mass of buttons. Advanced user interface technologies—some that you could swear you saw on an episode of the original StarTrek—are emerging as cutting-edge solutions to dramatically simplify the entertainment discovery experience – essentially turning YOU into a human remote control. Technologies such as voice recognition, gesture recognition and 3D are opening up new opportunities for content models and enhancing the entertainment experience. This session will discuss how advanced user interface technologies are transforming the connected device landscape, the role of consumer and social behavior in their evolution and how this impacts what consumers expect their gadgets to do for them tomorrow.

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  1. How are advanced user interface technologies such as voice recognition, gesture recognition and 3D transforming today’s connected TV ecosystem?
  2. How do these technologies work, who is deploying them and what is driving their adoption?
  3. How has consumer and social behavior impacted the evolution of these technologies?
  4. Will adoption of these technologies mean the end of the remote control?
  5. How will advanced user interface technologies influence what we expect our devices to do for us tomorrow, and how we interact with them?



Kristin Hehir, PR Specialist, Rovi Corporation

Meta Information:

  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Design and Development
  • Level: Beginning
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