Yes You CAN build with AI Too


I'm sure you've heard all the hype around Ai. You might think its not for you but, trust us, it is for you too. By using a hackathon model that we've tested around the country, alongside one of the coolest Ai tools out there, Playlab Ai, we're going to take any teacher, parent or student from fear/mild curiosity to actively building Ai tools to solve real problems.

In one, 90 minute workshop you will walk away with an Ai tool that you can put to work right away. We make this so easy and fun you might even build two!

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  1. Ai is a tool to be used effectively to create more meaningful human interaction in learning.
  2. Ai should be used to improve quality and access when it comes to learning.
  3. Ai is not scary and it is NOT going to take the job of a passionate and skilled educator. Instead, educators will use Ai to improve learning outcomes.



Mike Yates, Senior Managing Director, New Product Design, The Reinvention Lab at Teach for America

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