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SXSW Interactive 2013

BedPost Confessions: The Sex and Tech Show

Just between you, me, and the BedPost. Share your secrets and learn about the hidden world behind sexuality online. BedPost Confessions is a monthly Austin, Texas based show where performers represent a wide range of sexualities through storytelling and performance. At the BedPost Confessions: The Sex and Tech Show, stories will revolve around themes of sex in the digital age and the future of tech in sexuality. Sadie Smythe will explore the intricacies of meshing online meetings with real world encounters; Julie Gillis will talk about the eroticism of words on paper, not typed on a screen; Rosie Q will tell a fanciful story of a machine that turns music into sexual experience; and Mia Martina will reveal what happens at the clash of identities, or when your pseudonym needs a pseudonym. Audience members will be asked to anonymously share confessions centered on technology and sexuality, prompted by our questions below, which will then be read onstage by our producers.

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  1. What are some of the sexual fantasies new technology liberates?
  2. What is a feminine perspective on the intimate possibilities of technology?
  3. How can our communal carnal imaginations continue to drive tech innovation? Sharing audience confessions will inspire discussion of how we are using and dreaming about current innovations.
  4. How will online sexual content evolve in the next decade?
  5. Increasing access to sexual information and the diversity of sexual experience has begun opening conversations about formerly forbidden topics. How will the conversation about sex change our future as humans?



Mia Martina, Writer and producer, BedPost Productions

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