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SXSW Film 2013

At the Crossroads of Cinema and Dance!

Presented by Dance Films Association, this solo presentation will discuss storytelling approaches to making films with and about dance-makers and performance artists. The film director and interdisciplinary artist Alla Kovgan will focus on such topics as translating choreographic ideas into cinema, adapting choreography for the camera, negotiating formal languages of film and dance, challenges of dance film collaborations as well as the use of technology.

Kovgan will present scenes from her film NORA, as well as from both renowned and more obscure iconic dance films. The presentation aims to leave the audience with an overall conceptual understanding of the dance film genre demonstrating potential and possibilities of dance film collaborations – innovative art works, which are able to transcend boundaries across film genres, art disciplines, languages and cultures.

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  1. Why are dance and film a natural fit?
  2. Whose language are we speaking making a dance film - director's or choreographer's?
  3. What are thrills and challenges of working with dancers vs. actors?
  4. How do you write a script for a dance film?
  5. What are the particularities of shooting and editing a dance film?


  • Alla Kovgan, Filmmaker/Interdisciplinary Artist, Kinodance


Brighid Greene, Communications Associate, Dance Films Association

Meta Information:

  • Tags: collaboration
  • Event: Film
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Case Study
  • Level: Intermediate
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