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The Planet Needs Sustainable Global Supply Chains


Although 90% of a company’s environmental impact comes from its supply chain, organizations struggle to understand their true environmental impact because most of it occurs in the far-away corners of their supply chains. Without visibility, companies cannot meaningfully reduce their carbon footprint, making the fight against climate change virtually impossible. Digital supply chain technologies with advanced ESG modeling, analytics and planning capabilities will be essential in enabling industries to adopt sustainable, low-carbon operating models. Consumers will benefit from an abundance of competitively-priced sustainable product options. Inaction will have the opposite effect as disruptive climate events will make supply chains increasingly unreliable and costly.

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  1. Sustainability initiatives are notoriously more focused on reporting than informed decision making. What needs to change? How can consumers help?
  2. If more companies create sustainable supply chains, the cost for responsibly produced products and services will become the norm, not the exception.
  3. If the largest organizations operate sustainable supply chains, what would the world look like in 10 years? What does it mean for climate change?


  • Stanton Thomas, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, o9 Solutions
  • Kweilin Ellingrud, Senior Partner, Director of McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), and Leader of the Life Insurance Practice in North America, McKinsey Global Institute
  • Dr. Josue Velazquez Martinez, Director, Sustainable Supply Chain & LIFT research Labs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Sustainable Supply Chain Lab
  • Sheri Hinish, Global Sustainability Services Lead, IBM; Founder, Supply Chain Queen, IBM; Supply Chain Queen


Jennifer Ottum, Sr Pr Manager, o9 Solutions

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