SXSW 2023

AI as a Job Killer? Nah, Try Creativity Booster


The rise of generative AI like DALL-E marks an important milestone in the intersection of creativity and AI, leaving many to wonder what happens to creative jobs as AI continues to advance. But, there are many ways AI creates opportunities to be creative and unlocks resources for those that want more creativity in their jobs and lives. This discussion features two founders and artists discussing how they are using advanced AI to fuel new creative directions for musicians, architects, designers, and more.

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  1. How AI advances are creating new opportunities for creativity
  2. Ways AI can improve and increase collaboration across creative teams
  3. How AI can alleviate repetitive tasks and unlock resources for creativity


  • Michael Tran, Operations Associate, KUNGFU.AI
  • Phillip Rather, Founder and CEO, Musical
  • Jean Pierre Trou, CEO, Mbue


Jennifer Trou, Director of Marketing, KUNGFU.AI

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