SXSW 2023

Creating a Web3 Fashion Brand


Blue-chip NFT collections have created a new category of influencers, creatives and collectors whose influence can be seen in nearly every aspect of pop culture. Over the last year, we’ve witnessed fashion shows in the metaverse, record breaking drops for digital merch, and the emergence of the first web3 fashion brands (we even saw NFT influencers at the Met Gala). Web3 is colliding with the world of fashion. What does this mean for brands, consumers and creators? In this panel, three experts at the intersection of Web3 and fashion will explore the newest models for community-driven commerce and the ways in which web3 brands are connecting digital ownership and community to IRL experiences and merchandise.

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  1. Community can be the product. Access can be the most valuable utility.
  2. The biggest market opportunity for brands is the ability to connect fashion in the metaverse to IRL products and experiences.
  3. Web3 brands are defining new ‘drop’ models for merchandise and collectibles. Brands are paying attention.



Kara Miley, SVP of Public Relations, Serotonin

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
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