Inventing the Future, From Your Classroom


Invention Education builds the core competencies that drive innovation: creativity, resourcefulness, and agility along with ability to dissect a problem, prototype, experiment and iterate. It inspires students of different talents and ability levels by intentionally integrating socioemotional development with STEM skills. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn from teachers who have successfully integrated Invention Education into their curricula - how they did it and how you can too.

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  1. Participants will understand how Invention Education is an important and inclusive way to combine all the disciplines of STEM.
  2. Engage in several invention activities for grades K-12 to support integration of invention and innovation into multiple content areas.
  3. Participants will learn that the application of Invention Education principles is especially important for under-represented students.



Susan Pierson-Brown, Principal, Seven November, Inc.

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