SXSW 2023

Funding, Perks, M&A: Scale With What Matters Most


90% of new startups fail, and only 40% of businesses make it to their fifth year. The startups that rise to the top all have one thing in common: they have successfully scaled their business, enabling it able to weather any unforeseen storms. In this session Greg Mercer, co-founder of Jungle Scout, shares learnings from
scaling a startup that has grown into a profitable midsize business with more than 300 employees worldwide. He is joined by the company’s Chief People Officer Elise Stribos, and together they examine the factors behind a remote-first approach, hiring rates, product development, and more. They share data-backed advice on the things companies should keep and cut when scaling. They also share advice on how to best approach decision-making and change management.

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  1. Scaling a business is critical to its success and makes it more resilient against challenges and setbacks.
  2. The things startups should keep and what they should forego when scaling.
  3. A framework for decision-making when scaling a business.



Rolando Galeana, Senior Associate, Multimedia Content Programs, Jungle Scout

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