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SXSW Interactive 2013

Making Millions With Mother Teresa As Your Guide

Today's top apps solve a variety of first world problems – from shopping dilemmas and cooking catastrophes to too much free time. But what about some that tackle life-or-death issues, like an app for purifying water, a solution for world hunger or a tool that gives a voice to those who have been silenced?
Opportunity can be found in the corners of the world where people have no use for virtual cows but a true need for access to real livestock. Where people don't care about playing Words With Friends but desperately need reliable, open channels of communication with which to stay in touch, organize and make a difference in their own worlds. Where the nearest happy hour is the farthest thing from their mind, but the nearest source of clean water might mean the difference between life and death. Progressive entrepreneurs putting their ideas to the test in the toughest conditions out there stand to lose the most, yet often reap the greatest reward. As they say, "do well by doing good."

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  1. With so many dire problems to solve, why are entrepreneurs so hesitant to think outside the box (way outside the box) and tackle issues that could save people's lives?
  2. What are good examples of social entrepreneurship in action?
  3. Think there aren't many good role models out there in which to seek inspiration? Think again.
  4. What are the building blocks of creating a profitable, socially responsible business?
  5. How can entrepreneurs turn their aspirations to help others into a profitable business model? What organizations are out there that can lend support to this type of endeavor?


  • David Gorodyansky, CEO and Co-founder, AnchorFree


David Gorodyansky, CEO and Co-founder, AnchorFree

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