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Gen Z Will Revolutionize the Future of Work


In just a few years, Gen Z will make up 25% of the workforce. The 2020s have caused Gen Z to evaluate all aspects of life through a microscopic lens, reassessing what matters and reimagining what doesn’t. Achievement, self-direction, and security are concrete values — both before and after the pandemic. But the meanings of these values continue to evolve.
Gone are the days of the workaholic mindset. Hustle culture is now considered at best passé and at worst toxic. Join Cassandra by Big Village, the foremost authority on Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha research focusing on emerging trends, generational insights, and youth behavior for a presentation of insights from their 2022 Future of Work report to learn how youth will revolutionize the workplace.

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  1. Gen Zs are redefining success.Learn how things like feeling stress free rank above income and what it means for the future of your company.
  2. Gen Z’s culture and expectation of the workplace is different from Millennials. So, how can you empower and show Gen Z you value them?
  3. Flexibility in the workplace is the new currency and Gen Z has a unique view of what flexibility should look like. How can you retain top Gen Z talent


  • Danielle “Danie” Hemsley, Director, Research Strategy, Cassandra
  • Victoria Salomón, Senior Analyst Research Strategy, Cassandra


Julia Worthington, Assistant Account Associate, Kite Hill PR

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