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Centering Community & Equity in Child Development


We all know that “it takes a village” – but the community organizations that vulnerable families rely on most are still largely shut out of early childhood funding. Guided by community input, a new $10m initiative in New York City aims to transform early learning by elevating 50 local programs focused on parents and caregivers of young children. With help from partners like public libraries and selection led by parents and nonprofit leaders, the project is crossing boundaries and building insights from work in immigration, health, housing, reentry and more. Learn why the nation’s largest fund devoted to early learning is focusing on neighborhood-level programs and partners outside the field of child development – and what philanthropies have to gain from democratizing their approach.

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  1. Understand the research and return on investment (ROI) case for focusing on parents and caregivers of children ages 0-3
  2. Learn from panelists’ experience collaborating to reach beyond the traditional field of early childhood education and support 50 community-led program
  3. Identify urgent priorities for families impacted by poverty–like mental health and service navigation–and ways philanthropy can better meet these need



Kelvin Chan, Managing Director, Early Childhood, Robin Hood

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